Monday Labor Day

We only have one class that will begin at 9:30am and Close at 10:30


Partner Murph!

Run 1 mile

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 Squats

Run 1 Mile

The entire workout will be done completed between you and your partner. Both of you will run a total of 1 mile at the beginning and the end of the workout. The repetitions in the middle can be partitioned however you and your partner want to complete it, but only one can work at a time while the other rests. Have Fun!!


EMOM 20 minutes

Even: Back Squat 3-5 reps @ 75%

Odd: Muscle ups 3 reps*

*If you are unable to perform the Muscle up, you will do one of the following:

-Muscle up with a band support

-Strict Pull up 5-7reps

-Chest to bar pull ups 5-7 reps

-ring rows and push ups 3-7 reps each


3-5 rounds and 10 reps each of the following:

Push ups in a hollow or pike position (bodyweight program)


Supermans or Hip and Back Extensions



21-18-15-12-9-6-3 deadlifts adding 20/15lbs every round.

10 over the bar burpees every round

The first round of 21 reps will begin with 135/95lbs. The 18 reps will consist of 155/110lbs and every round after that will add 20lb (and 15lbs for women). When you reach the 3 rep rounds you will continue to repeat the 3 rep round adding weight each time. After every round you will complete 10 over the bar burpees. Athletes are responsible for loading their own bars.

There is an 18 minute time cap.

Post the load you finished with and how many rounds you completed.