One of the things that makes CrossFit so great is that it forces you to set goals and its succes is measurable. We do a huge variety of WOD's and will do most of them again someday, to try and write your progress down in a journal can be very difficult. I am suggesting you track your progress/workouts using the following websites: or beyond the whiteboard or you could start your own blog. All are good ways to keep track of your progress and they all have their 'downsides'. I cannot keep track of your workouts any further than writing your time/loads down on the whiteboard daily and then in my memory which will last as long as the gyms whiteboard does so I recommend you do one or all of the above suggestions.

Also if you are looking to buy supplements if you set up an account with the supplements can be delivered directly to your home and you recieve a 20% discount.

Good Reading: I recommend first the CrossFit Journal I also recommend you check out these sites: whole 9 and of course other CrossFit websites