We are doing 'Murph' (HERO WOD) on Friday in support of CrossFit Tri-Cities event "Murph for Miller" All proceeds go to Rob Miller home Midwest shelter for homeless vets in Wheaton. You can make check directly to MSHV. I will be going to the event on Saturday and can bring all donations with me to give directly to them. I hope everyone can participate this Friday!! 

NOTE: There will be NO scheduled afternoon classes tomorrow. I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

Today is a MOBILITY DAY....
We are doing mobility because of the 1 rep maxes we have been doing all week, and the fact we have a marathon of a WOD tomorrow. So.... come do some mobility and become more functional.
IF you feel you do need to do mobility (because I can stretch at home) and HAVE to do a WOD I will come up with a WOD for you if you can pass 3 simple mobility exercises.