5 rounds for max effort (not timed)

4 Turkish Get Ups*

5 Box jumps

Rules for this workout are as follows:

This is not a timed event. The goal is to lift as much weight as possible and to jump as high as possible.

Each round you should add weight, once you start the round you cannot add more weight but you may deduct weight.  The TGU's are alternating.  If you cannot do the TGU with weight overhead you may hold the weight packed against the shoulder in the "rack" position for the get up.

With the box jumps you will be adding height each round for a max height. You do not have to bound in between, infact I recommend stepping down or lowering yourself down as necessary.

This workout is scored by total weight and total height that is accomplished. If you do the 'Get up' (in rack position) then you will only be scored by half the weight.

*note you may use a barbell, dumbbell, or Kettlebell.


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