Mary prego snatchAbove we have Mary who is 6 months pregnant and still see the importance in performing the snatch! Nice work Mary! Powerlifters:

Back Squat 1 rep max

WOD/Conditioning: (powerlifters may power clean instead)

AMRAP in 20 minutes

1 rep of Clean either 84% of max or 185/135 whichever is lower weight.

1 rep of Muscle up (on the rings)

Then 2 reps of clean,

2 reps of muscle ups... then 3 of each, then 4 of each etc.....

If you are unable to do 1 muscle up, you will do 2 strict pull ups for every ONE muscle up. If you do the Rx weight (either percent or 185/135) you will get an Rx for scoring no matter what you did for the Muscle up. BUT, this is a workout to better yourself not for you to best your opponent. Fitness First!


Back Squat 3x3 @ 84% (do what you can)


Post loads & rounds to WODHOPPER!!!