Hey everyone, if you have not yet signed over to BoxCommand click this link and do so. Meanwhile use your mobile device and go to your app store and download the BoxCommand APP so you can track your success and RSVP to class. There is also a 'like' feature and 'chat' feature in the app that we can begin to utilize! Bodyweight Strength Program: Week 4 Day 1

You’ll do 3 rounds of the circuit which consists of 4 exercises. In this phase, don’t attempt to move on to the next variation of each exercise unless you feel the variation you are on is too easy. In the second and third round it is OK to drop back to an easier progression in order to maintain proper form and quality movement.



AMRAP in 20 Minutes of:

4 Chest to bar pull ups

8 Ring push ups

12 One Legged Squats (alternating)

Post completed rounds and fractions of rounds to BoxCommand!