MAX EFFORT/WOD Back Squat 5x3 @ 81%

Box Back Squat 5x3 @81% (squat to a box or chair that is at or slightly below parallel, relax and then reactivate and stand up)


Bodyweight Strength program  Week 5 Day 1, assessment of the 7 movements which is all of them but the hollow positions.

Do each one and assess how you have progressed, find if you can do the whole movement with ease and quality. Discover what needs to be worked on more. How far is your broad jump? Can you do the Shrimp squat fully? etc....

Conditioning: 3 minute Kettlebell Clean and Jerk. You may not put the bell down, you may only rest in the rack position or the locked out overhead position. You may use one bell or two. If you use one bell you may only switch hands once. The score is total weight multiplied by total reps.