Bodyweight Strength Program Week 6 Day 3...

Partner WOD

With a continuously running clock for 21 minutes:

with a partner you will have 6 minutes to come up with a 5 rep deadlift max.  That 6 minutes includes the warm up weight too, You're not allowed to touch a barbell until the 3-2-1-GO!

The score will be the total weight completed by each partner individually.

Example: Partner A deadlifts 200lb for 5 successful reps, and Partner B does 300lb for 5 successful reps... total is 500lb as long as it is done in 6 minutes.

As Soon as the 6 minutes is complete:

20 In sync Wall balls 20/14lb

10 In sync Burpees

20 In sync Kettlebell swings 55/35lb

In sync: You and your partner will do the same amount of everything, and will do it together "in sync," No it does not have to be pretty like a performance. But Partner A will Start the wall balls and rest at the same time as Partner B. Partners have to work at the same time, and can not over work for the team. Rest and timing is essential to be successful.

Example: Partner A does 10 wall balls, Partner B has to stop at 10 wall balls. They have to start at the same time again.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!

Post Score.... Total weight added together with total reps to BoxCommand!