EMOM for 10 minutes These will be squat cleans. The TOTAL amount lifted for all 15 reps will be the score for the EMOM.

0:00-1:00 5 Cleans

1:00-2:00 Rest and add weights

2:00-3:00 4 Cleans

3:00-4:00 Rest and add weight

4:00-5:00 3 Cleans

5:00-6:00 Rest and add weight

6:00-7:00 2 Cleans

7:00-8:00 Rest and add weight

8:00-9:00 1 Clean


Back Squat 5x3 @ 84%


3-5 rounds NOT for time:

10 Ring crunches (remember... feet in rings while in the plank position and pull knees to elbows)

10 GHD sit ups

10 Ring mountain climbers (hands in rings while in plank position, bring knee forward to elbow and while keeping rings in place, then return foot to start and bring second knee forward to elbow and return it to start for one repetition)