16 minute EMOM

Even: Deadlift 5 reps

Odd: Handstand Push up 5 reps

For the deadlifts pick a weight that is a '5rep max' or a weight that you could not do much more than 5-7 reps a set. For the handstand push ups, try to maintain the 5 reps a round, but if need be scale back. IF you are able to do MUCH more than 5 reps a minute try scaling up by either doing strict HSPU or doing them at a deficit. If you are unable to HSPU at all either do 30 second Handstand holds or do 5 push press at a manageable heavy weight. Have FUN!

If you were able to do the Handstands then after EMOM do 3 sets of 5 reps of push press at a manageable weight.