We will be doing Murph on May 24th. We do this every year and ask for donations so we can give to the Midwest Homeless Veterans Shelter. Donations are not required, but welcomed.

5 Sets of push ups at 50% of max. Do them in class or throughout your day.


50-35-20 rep rounds for time of:

Wall Balls


Double unders

Post times to the Zen……


Test: You will complete as many push ups as you can in one go. The only rest position is the push up plank. Once you take a knee or go into downard dog the ‘test’ is over. This is so we can have a base number to help you build your push up ability for the upcoming “Murph” workout.

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

5 Burpee Pull up

7 Power Cleans 135/95lb

10 Box Jump 24/20”

Post rounds completed to the Zen.



In 20 minutes complete the following:

Run 200m (or Row 250)

10 Power Snatches

Run 200m (or Row 250)

8 Power Snatches

Run 200m (or Row 250)

6 Power Snatches

Run 200m (or Row 250)

4 Power Snatches

Run 200m (or Row 250)

2 Power Snatches

Run 200m (or Row 250)

1 Power Snatch

Go as heavy as you can each round based on the rep scheme. The goal is to get through the first 5 rounds with enough time to complete a couple of the ‘1 rep’ rounds. You will repeat the 1 Rep round as many times as necessary until the time ends. There is no Rx weight,

Score is based on TOTAL weight lifted, and TOTAL rounds completed.


Bodyweight Strength Day!

You will have two minutes per each exercise for 20 minutes

Strict Muscle ups (no kipping)

Strict handstand push ups (no kipping)

If you are unable to do a strict muscle up then either do ring pull ups while maintaining a false grip or use a band to do strict muscle ups.

If you are unable to a stict handstand push up, then you will either do a descent or a negative lowering yourself from the top of the handstand until your head touches a ‘platform’ or you can do a handstand hold.

Conditioning: (partition as needed)

Spend 5-10 minutes doing front and back scales

Then: either GHD sit ups or bumper raises 30 each, and 30 hip and back extensions.



18 minute AMRAP

10 Cleans 95/65lb (squat or power)

30 Double unders

8 Cleans 115/80

30 Double unders

6 Cleans 135/95lb

30 Double unders

4 Cleans 155/110

30 Double unders

2 Cleans 175/125lb

30 Double unders

1 Clean…..* and repeat

30 Double unders

*For the 1 Clean you will add weight and repeat. Everytime you lift it successfully you will complete 30 double unders and then add weight and repeat the 1 clean and 30 double unders…..etc.


EMOM 21 Minutes

First Minute: Front Squat 5 reps 80-83% of 1 rep

Second Minute: Strict Pull Up 7 reps

Third Minute: 10 Strict Push ups* or a Dumbbell bench press on med ball 10 reps.

*Strict push up: Slow and Controlled, no bouncing chest, always touching chest and locking out arms.

If the reps for the pull ups and push ups becomes too many to handle in a minute, then back off on quantity and focus more on QUALITY.

Good Friday

There will NOT be an 18:30 (6:30pm) class. We will only have a 16:30 & 17:30 (4:30 & 5:30pm) class tomorrow night. Morning hours will remain the same.


Do Five 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest between rounds of:

12 burpees

7 Sumo Deadlift High pulls 95/65lb

max reps of any of the following:

Bar muscle ups 6 points

Strict pull ups 3 points

Chest to bar 2 points

kipping pull ups 1 point.

You may do any combo of the ‘pull ups’ you want to maximize your points.